Named after Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri. The city is located on the beautiful Missouri River and near the edge of the Ozark Plateau.

Not only is the region beautiful, it also is a great place for seniors to call home. When the local seniors enter the stage of their life when they require assisted living, there are several great facilities in the region. Each Jefferson City assisted living facilities have the perfect combination of customized care and independence.

If you are struggling with the decision of assisted living in Jefferson City for a loved one, you can breathe easily knowing that the local facilities offer exceptional accommodations. You loved one will live in a clean and friendly environment, with enhanced support and the comforts of home.

When your loved one moves in an assisted living facility in Jefferson City, they will not only receive the care they deserve, they will also only be a few minutes away from state of the art medical care. Facilities have a relationship with the local health care hospitals and centers which allow your loved one quick access to the care they need. St. Mary’s Health Center, the Capital Region Medical center and the Jefferson City Medical Group are easily accessible for facility residents.

Knowing your loved one is in good hands will give you the opportunity to sleep well at night. Understanding that they are happy and safe, will reduce your stress and provide you the relief, so you can continue with your day to day life.