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If your parent leads a fairly independent life, but occasionally needs help with personal cares, financial management, driving, or other activities of daily living, you may be considering a Minnesota assisted living facility to meet his or her needs. Assisted living homes provide a good balance between maintaining independence and providing help when necessary. Active seniors will be able to remain that way with all of the activities that assisted living centers provide. Most assisted living facilities have organized activities right on their sites, such as playing bingo or being involved in a Bible study. Additionally, transportation is generally provided to off-site locations for seniors to go shopping or any number of community events.


Assisted living is an option that most seniors are willing to accept since it allows them to maintain as much of their independence as they desire and are capable of. It also relieves the feeling of guilt some seniors may feel as the result of having to depend on family to take care of things that they have always managed themselves.

Minnesota assisted living facilities are equipped to offer seniors the opportunity to interact with peers and staff and also to be an active part of the community. Seniors living in assisted living centers near the capitol city of St. Paul will have the chance to be part of the rich cultural experiences the city has to offer. St. Paul is home to many international events like the Festival of Nations and Cinco de Mayo parades. It also has many historic buildings, such as the James J. Hill House and the Alexander Ramsey House, that seniors may enjoy touring with a group from their assisted living facilities.

If you are searching for a Minnesota assisted living facility that understands the balance that needs to occur in order for your parents to preserve their independence while receiving needed assistance, the guide below will help you locate it.