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Choosing the right Michigan assisted living facility for an elderly loved one is an important decision but it does not have to be a difficult one. There are many exceptional assisted living facilities to consider. Older adults may prefer to stay in familiar surroundings and close to other family members. They may also enjoy the four seasons Michigan has to offer. By placing them in a Michigan assisted living facility, many of these centers provide individual medical care as well as nutritious meals. They also offer exercise programs, physical activities and recreational hobbies. This ensures that the older adult is stimulated and able to interact with other adults and with friendly staff, on a daily basis.


Some older adults may need to stay in the residence for rehabilitation purposes and only for a short period of time. Others may need a permanent assisted living apartment because they are unable to fully care for themselves due to medical condition. Numerous Michigan assisted living facilities are equipped to provide care for elderly adults in either of these situations, making the transition easier to accept.

Any Michigan assisted living center being considered should be able to provide the best care for each individual but it is equally as important to allow the older adults to have the freedom to make decisions on their own. For example, if an elderly person is able to prepare his own meals, he should be able to do so. Being able to perform these types of tasks can improve the quality of life and produce a higher self esteem and comfort level.

There are many assisted living homes available throughout the state of Michigan. They are located in the rural and city areas as well as the Upper Peninsula and the mid and lower portions of the state.