Possibly one of the most famous towns in the United States, Plymouth, Massachusetts, also known as “America’s Hometown”, it a wonderful place to live. Famous for its First Thanksgiving and Plymouth Rock, the area is also home to many of the country’s seniors.

When seniors are ready to move into Plymouth assisted living, they are able to choose from a variety of locations. Each facility offers services and care customized to each resident’s needs. Accommodations are comfortable and feel just like a home environment. Facilities allow residents to maintain their independence so they can continue to be active in the local community.

Visiting historical sights is a common activity for many of the residents in assisted living. Plymouth has a variety of historical locations, such as the Mayflower II and the Plimoth Plantation. Seniors who enjoy the outdoors can visit the Myles Standish State Forest or the Elisville Harbor State Park.

Plymouth assisted living facilities are available to help residents make a successful transition. Staff are highly trained in helping ease residents into their new life. Facilities and the community are safe and offer a warm and inviting community for its new members.