There comes a time in life when a decision needs to be made on placing a loved one into assisted living. The decision is never easy, despite how much planning takes place. Often those making the choice can feel heartache and frustration on finding the “perfect” facility.

Leominster assisted living is in the state of Massachusetts. The community is a quiet town with a charming New England appeal. Residents are friendly and warm, welcoming any new members. For seniors in the area, there are many activities that keep them busy throughout the year.

Seniors in assisted living in Leominster are often found strolling through the community parks. The two state parks in the area are the Doyle Reservation and Leominster State Forest. Both parks have beautiful trails, which are perfect for an afternoon walk. The community library, the Leominster Public Library, is available for residents to explore. The library is a historic building, built in 1856.

Assisted living facilities in Leominster are part of a community that is known as “Pioneer Plastics City”. The town has strong ties to the early development of plastics manufacturing. If you like plastic flamingo lawn ornaments, they originated in Leominster.

Assisted living in the area provides fantastic services for its residents. Those looking to escape to the quiet areas of New England enjoy the peace and quiet of Leominster. Residents become active members of the community and of the facilities they call home.