Deciding on what assisted living facility is best for you or a family member can cause anxiety and worry. There are many things to consider, such as location, cost and quality of care. Braintree assisted living facilities work with you through the decision making process. They are able to help you with any concerns or questions and decide if they are a good fit.

Assisted living in Braintree provides opportunity for residents to live close to both Boston and Cape Cod. The community has a rich history and many unique activities for its residents – including ample time to spend outdoors. Seniors who enjoy breathing in the fresh air, can spend an afternoon at Sunset Lake or Pond Meadow Park. Those that prefer walking trails in a park environment, often head to the MDC Blue Hills Reservation.

Moving into assisted living facilities in Braintree ensures seniors receive customized care based on their individual needs. Facilities have all the comforts of home and encourage community involvement. Keeping a sense of independence is a priority for residents, so they continue to live a long and fulfilling life.