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Seniors who are independent or have special health requirements can benefit tremendously by moving to a Maryland assisted living facility. Residents at modern assisted living facilities enjoy social functions, special events, community classes and life on their own schedules. Hospitality services, such as housekeeping, laundry and a staff of chefs ensure you don’t have to cook or do laundry unless you want to. Flexible dining options give residents the freedom to dine out or enjoy meals tailored to their dietary requirements. With assisted living homes in Maryland, you can stay home or travel to Ocean City where they serve the best crab cakes and French fries.

If you’ve ever dreamed of calling a prime section of the Atlantic coast home, a Maryland assisted living facility could be a convenient solution that gives you the ability to maintain your independence and receive occasional assistance when you need it.

Whether you’re in Annapolis, Rossmoor, Chevy Chase, Baltimore or the D.C. suburbs of Bethesda, assisted living can give you the comfort and security you desire without giving up the freedom you have.

Relocating to an assisted living center is the ideal way to rediscover Chesapeake Bay and the historic areas of Fredericksburg, Gaithersburg, Hagerstown and Prince George’s County at your own leisurely pace. Located on the mid-Atlantic coast, Maryland boasts mild winters with easy access to New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.

Assisted living facilities in Maryland give residents access to local festivals and seasonal events at Baltimore’s reinvigorated Inner Harbor and the Chesapeake area. Residents at assisted living centers can benefit from a small town life with great neighbors and friends along with access to big cities and parks like Assateague Island, which is famous for its wild horses.

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