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A Kansas assisted living facility may be just the right type of facility to take care of the ones you love the most. As caregivers we are always doing everything we can to make sure that those who care about are as comfortable as possible and that they receive the finest care. Assisted living homes provide a combination of personalized help, specialized housing, and support services that are defined to meet the needs of our loved ones. You will find that a Kansas assisted living facility will be able to help with activities of daily living, medication reminders, housework and many other functions that may have become difficult to accomplish alone.

An assisted living center is right for an individual may have been living for in their home or in the home of a grown child or maybe leaving a nursing home or hospital, but need the continued round-the-clock care that is provided by homes.


Individuals taking advantage of assisted living facilities will be required to sign a lease, the same as they would if they were leasing an apartment. The rent they pay may cover the entire cost, however, there may be other charges incurred, which may be covered by insurance such as medical staff and medications.

When choosing between assisted living facilities, you will find that a Kansas assisted living facility may be the right choice for you. By taking a tour of all the facilities that we have available in your area, you will be able to see the type of assisted living facilities that we have to offer you, and make your selection from the finest assisted living homes on the market today.

We are proud of our record for excellence of assisted living facilities around the country. An online tour is available at your convenience.