Fort Wayne is a large city in the state of Indiana. The city lies at the merge of the St. Marys River, the St. Joseph River and the Maumee River, which allowed it to become an important city for trading.

Currently, there are many seniors and retirees throughout the city. When the time comes for these seniors to find assisted living facilities in Fort Wayne, there are several options to choose from. Each facility offers exceptional care and services. Residents maintain their independence, so they are able to become an active member of the community.

Seniors in Fort Wayne assisted living can always find some form of entertainment. There are festivals held throughout the year that are perfect for meeting new people. The Germanfest, IPFW Riverfest and the Three Rivers Festival are popular events for locals.

Those that enjoy spending their free time watching a play or performance can visit the Embassy Theatre or the Grand Wayne Center. There are several museums in the area that are great for learning about the history of the region, such as Fort Wayne’s Old City Hall or the African-American Historical Museum.

The decision to move into assisted living Fort Wayne, is never an easy decision. Often emotions can arise, such as sadness or overwhelm. Making sure that the facility is in a location that meets your lifestyle is essential for a smooth transition and your enjoyment.