If you or a loved one is looking for assisted living in a small community with a warm sunny climate, Woodstock, Georgia may be what you are seeking. Woodstock is a fast growing suburb of Atlanta, with nearly 25,000 residents.

Woodstock assisted living allows seniors to live in a small safe community, but travel to  a thriving city within minutes. The region has developed a Greenprints Project which constructs trails along natural areas. Locations such as Little River and Noonday Creek allow residents to spend time outside on safe and beautiful trails.

The residents of the region are passionate about the area’s history, especially in honoring local Veterans. Woodstock assisted living residents can take time to pay their respects at the Woodstock Memorial, where the names of local Veterans who gave their life in battle are recognized.

Moving to assisted living in Woodstock, allows residents to receive high quality care. Services are tailored to each individual’s needs, while maintaining their independence. Accommodations have all the comforts of home with the services and care readily available to maintain resident’s quality of life.