Seniors throughout the country often head to warmer climates as they age. The cold harsh winters of the north can cause unpleasant days for many. One of the most popular destinations is Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville assisted living has abundant opportunities for its residents. The city is the largest city in the entire state of Florida, which allows for many unique activities. The weather is great for seniors who enjoy average highs of upper 60’s or low 90’s all year long. The climate makes it perfect for residents who like to spend time outdoors.

There are several parks throughout the downtown and surrounding areas of Jacksonville. Assisted living residents can explore their way around over 80,000 acres of natural space. Seniors looking for a nature preserve can visit the Tree Hill Nature Center, where they can learn about local wildlife and vegetation. There is also a Butterfly Festival that occurs at the park, which is extremely popular.

Spending time with the performing arts is a common activity for many local seniors. Assisted living in Jacksonville has numerous options to choose from. Residents can enjoy the musical performances from the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, playing at the Jacoby Symphony Hall or a Broadway show at the Jim & Jan Moran Theatre.

From festivals to annual sporting events, there is always something happening in the region. Jacksonville assisted living residents can attend events all year long. The Gator Bowl takes place each year on New Year’s Day and in July the six day Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament occurs. For seniors who enjoy music festivals, they can attend the Jacksonville Jazz Festival or the Springing the Blues festival.

Assisted living residents in Jacksonville can always find something to do. More importantly, they are treated to high quality care in exceptional facilities. Residents are given the treatment and respect that they deserve.

Making a decision to move into assisted living for yourself or someone you love is one of the most difficult decisions of your lifetime. Moving into the Jacksonville area, allows you to maintain your independence and continue doing activities that you love. You can rest assured that you will be moving into a community that cares for its seniors and keeps them protected.