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Moving to a Florida assisted living facility or relocating to the Sunshine State for retirement is the best way to enjoy warm weather and plenty of sunshine year round. Retiring in Florida is a quintessential part of the American dream, which has made the state the number one retirement destination in the United States. Florida is one of the most populous states, and seniors over 60 make up roughly one quarter of the total population. Assisted living facilities in Florida give seniors and active adults the freedom of living on their own along with the reduced responsibility of residing in a managed building with on-call staff, healthcare professionals and maintenance personnel who can handle any resident issue. With so many areas to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down all the options and find the best-assisted living center for you. That’s where our user-friendly database of assisted living facilities comes in. We make it easy to search for assisted living facilities by city or zip code so you can find the best option in Central Florida, the Gulf Coast or the Keys. Large cities, including Sarasota, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Gainesville, are popular locations for assisted living centers. However, residents can find local assisted living homes in secondary cities, such as Ocala, Boca Raton, Inverness, Punta Gorda, Sebring and Pensacola. With assisted living, residents never have to worry about maintenance expenses, property taxes or home insurance. Everything is taken care of so you can play golf, go shopping and enjoy living in the nation’s top retirement destination. Find the best Florida assisted living facility for your lifestyle by clicking the “More Info” link below each community photo. Search by city, state or zip code to locate assisted living homes that fit your needs.