The capital of the state of Delaware, Dover, is the second largest city in the state; however, it is not a very large city. The region experiences four seasons, but has a light amount of snowfall each year. Due to its low cost of living and relatively warm climate, the area is a common relocation area for seniors looking for assisted living in Dover.

Due to easy access to the Chesapeake Bay, via the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, fishing is a common activity for many of the local seniors in Dover assisted living. The region has several golf courses, including Maple Dale Country Club and Jonathan’s Landing Golf Course. Two weekends each year, the city becomes very popular due to the NASCAR race held at Dover International Speedway.

Trying to determine what assisted living facility in Dover is best for you or a loved one can be emotional. Facilities in the area understand how difficult the process can be and are available to help you make the right choice.