Are you looking for assisted living in South Windsor? Are you concerned if you are making the best decision for your loved one? Moving into assisted living is never easy. The stress of leaving independent living can cause anxiety and overwhelm for many seniors and their family members.

To make a loved one’s transition into South Windsor assisted living less stressful, make sure you do the following:

  • Look for facilities that are located in communities that fit your loved one’s personality
  • Visit several facilities, so you can compare and contrast
  • Keep track of what each community and facility has to offer and what is missing
  • Develop a list of needs and compare with the facilities
  • When the choice is narrowed to 2 or 3, spend an afternoon at the facilities to get a true sense of its characteristics
  • Ask staff for help and talk to other residents

Assisted living in South Windsor is located in a small community in Hartford County. Residents and their families have easy access to several New England cities and landmarks.

Seniors living in South Windsor assisted living maintain a sense of independence, which allows them to continue to enjoy activities they love. Residents can spend the afternoon at either the Wood Memorial Library or the SW Public library, where they can find their favorite books or magazines. Those that enjoy walking with friends through the local parks can visit the Wapping Park, Nevers Park or the SW Wildlife Sanctuary.

From shopping to volunteering in local non profit organizations, residents in assisted living facilities in South WIndsor live an active and thriving life. The community is small, caring, and supportive of neighbors and quickly welcomes new members. Your loved one will feel a strong sense of friendship as they become part of South Windsor assisted living.