los angeles senior housing options

Los Angeles, aka The City of Angels, is known as the creative and entertainment capital of the world. LA offers its residents sunshine, culture, mountains, beaches, entertainment, and so much more. With over 80 districts and neighborhoods, Los Angeles has something for everyone. Whether you want to live by the beach, at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains, or in the middle of the bustling city, Los Angeles can cater to your senior living needs. 

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Los Angeles Assisted Living

Los Angeles is the largest and most populous city in the state of California., LA County has a population of about ten million., 2.5 million senior adults, over the age of 55 live in the county. 

The city is perhaps best known as being the heart of America’s entertainment industry, and is a very attractive place to live, with great levels of ethnic and cultural diversity, and its Mediterranean climate.

LA is perfectly suited for senior citizens who enjoy exploring the city’s wonders, including its nightlife, rich and varied cuisine, and countless attractions (not all of which are related to Hollywood!)

Los Angeles is an expensive city to live in, though like any other place, there is a great deal of variation in rent and house prices from neighborhood to neighborhood. For seniors on a fixed income, it can be a challenge. On average, LA is over 73 percent more expensive to live in than the US national average, and almost 20 percent more expensive than the California State average. The median house price in Los Angeles is a hefty $689,500, and senior living facilities also charge higher fees than the national average. 

Situated in Southern California, the city of Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate, with plenty of sunshine throughout the year and a mild average winter temperature of 68 °F (20 °C). Its climate is similar in many ways to that of the coastal cities and towns of southern Spain. Many seniors find this to be the perfect climate for this season of life.

Known as the “creative capital of the world”, most of LA’s culture is unsurprisingly centered around Hollywood and the city’s entertainment industry. The city hosts the annual Primetime Emmy Awards, the Academy Awards, and the Grammy Awards, to name a few events. 

With over 800 art galleries and museums, Los Angeles County has more museums per capita than any other place in the United States, so there is no shortage of exhibitions to check out irrespective of your personal tastes and preferences.

Popular attractions in the LA area include Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland, Griffith Park Observatory, the Getty Museum, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You’ll also find unlimited opportunities for  shopping and dining in Los Angeles. 

Concerts and live performances are regularly held in the city’s many venues and theaters, including the Hollywood Bowl and the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion.

As with all large cities, Los Angeles has its share of crime. Choosing a safe neighborhood is always important, and in LA you will find many communities that have crime rates that are lower than average. It is safer than 12 percent of all the cities in the United States, with over 30,000 violent crimes reported in the city in 2019 and just shy of 103,000 property crimes in the same year. 

Overall, Los Angeles can be a great place for seniors to settle down, particularly if you still want to lead an active lifestyle, love going out and trying new places, and are a big fan of its almost perfect climate.