Don’t make the decision to move into assisted living any harder than it already is! Find a community that fits you or your loved one’s personality to help with the transition. Deciding to move out of your home and into a facility causes numerous emotions. When you find a city or town that fits your lifestyle, the decision becomes much easier.

Thousand Oaks assisted living is wonderful for seniors who want to enjoy mild temperatures throughout the year. Average highs rage between upper 60’s and low 80’s – perfect for residents who love the outdoors. The area is one of the safest places to live in the country and in 2006 Money magazine named it one of the Best Places to Live.

Assisted living in Thousand Oaks gives seniors the opportunity to visit the Conejo Valley Botanical Garden. Residents that like to walk on trails and take in nature, often visit the Wildwood Regional Park. For those that would rather spend a day shopping, The Oaks Shopping Center, one of the largest shopping malls in Ventura County, is located in the region.

Activities are abundant and care is exceptional for Thousand Oaks assisted living residents. Seniors are provided with customized services based on each individual’s needs. Staff is highly trained to help ease the transition process and will have new residents feeling at home in no time.