Overwhelm, confusion, anxiety, and sadness are all common emotions that are felt when making the decision to move to assisted living. Whether you are making the decision for someone you love or yourself, it is not an easy decision to make. Help make the decision easier, by finding a community that fits your lifestyle needs.

San Rafael assisted living is perfect for seniors who enjoy small community living, but be within minutes from big city life. The area is located outside of San Francisco, but feels like worlds away. The region was revolutionized when the famous George Lucas filmed his movie THX 1138 in the city. Since that time, several large hit movies were filmed in the area.

Famous film stars are not the only ones that were attracted to the city. Frank Lloyd Wright designed a building, the Marin County Civic Center, in San Rafael. Assisted living residents can tour the structure and observe the talents of this great architect.

The climate in the region is perfect for outdoor life. Residents can visit the local China Champ State Park, where they can walk the trails or take a boat ride. There are also several community and neighborhood parks located in the area, including, Boyd Park, Gerstle Park, and Pickleweed Park. Each location is great for exercise and enjoying the outdoors.

Residents in San Rafael assisted living are given the freedom and independence they deserve. Each individual is treated to high quality care in a safe environment. Staff is highly trained and helps members transition to their new home.