Deciding to move to assisted living is one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. Often you can feel anxious and nervous about finding the right facility. To make the transition smooth and easy, find a facility that is in the right community. Look for a community or town that fits you or your loved one’s personality.

Salinas assisted living is a premier community for seniors who love to spend time outside and in a garden. The city is known as the Salad Bowl of America, because 80% of the lettuce in the country is grown here. Residents enjoy growing their own vegetables and flowers due to the ideal growing conditions.

There is a strong visual and performing arts community in Salinas. Assisted living residents can spend an afternoon or evening at The Western Stage, in Harnell College, watching a performance. They can explore the work of local artists at the Valley Art Gallery, which has been open for over 30 years.

Assisted living in Salinas is great for seniors who are looking for customized care and freedom to keep their independence. Each resident is given the exceptional care and services they deserve, based on their needs. The staff in each facility is highly trained and ready to help residents make their transition a happy one.