Making the decision to move into assisted living is never an easy choice to make. Whether you or a loved one is making the move, you may be feeling worry, stress or sadness. To help you make the decision easier, start by finding a community or location that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Monterey assisted living is a beautiful coastal community with temperatures ranging between 60 and 70 degrees all year long. Residents who love the coast and the outdoors come to this region. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in the community and is a great place for seniors to visit and learn about the local underwater life. Seniors who would rather watch birds or walk in a park visit Lake El Estero.

Assisted living in Monterey, gives residents the opportunity to be close to the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course. Cannery Row is a popular destination in the region, named after the book Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. This waterfront street is home to numerous fishing companies and an abundant population of sea lions.

Monterey assisted living provides residents views like no other. The care is state of the art and the services are exceptional. Freedom and independence is an important aspect of facilities in the region and each resident is given care based on their needs.