Making the decision to move to assisted living is never easy. There are many emotions that you might be feeling, from anxiety to overwhelm. Whether you are looking for a facility for you or your loved one, finding a place that is in the right location is one of the most important keys for an easy transition.

Laguna Woods assisted living provides residents a small community that knows how to care for its seniors. Over 90% of the town is made up of retired residents, so you or your loved one can quickly feel a part of the community.

Seniors in assisted living Laguna Woods are only 49 miles away from Los Angeles and less than 3 miles from Laguna Beach. The community is located in Orange County, California, and the weather is perfect for residents that enjoy spending time outdoors. The climate is warm all year long with plenty of sunshine.

Laguna Woods assisted living provides residents a friendly environment with state of the art facilities. Seniors live in a beautiful location with exceptional amenities. Each resident if given individualized care while keeping their independence. Staff is highly trained and helps each resident easily adjust to their new residence.