Fairfax, Virginia is a great place to live well! In fact, Forbes Magazine named the city #3 in 2009, in the “Top 25 Places to Live Well.” Annual festivals such as the Chocolate Lovers Festival, the Irish Festival, and the Fairfax Fine Arts Festival are great places for community residents to spend time with their neighbors. Places such as George Mason University, the Northern Virginia Community College, and the Fairfax County Public Library, all operate in and around the city.

What happens if you live in Fairfax and the time comes that you need to find Alzheimer’s care for a family member?

Although hearing the diagnosis can be devastating, you can feel reassured that Alzheimer’s care in Fairfax is top notch! Facilities offer care specifically for residents suffering from the disease. This means every program, activity, and routine is created to help those with Alzheimer’s Disease thrive!

Staff is well trained on the disease and understand how to proved the best possible care. They are onsite 24/7, to ensure your loved one is safe. Residents are not able to leave the Fairfax Alzheimer’s care facility on their own, which further adds to their safety.

When a family member is affected by the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, the rest of the family can feel overwhelmed. Long term Alzheimer’s care in Fairfax are available to help take the overwhelm away from the family, so you can enjoy every minute of time with your loved one.