Finding the best Alzheimer’s care in Danville for someone you love can be overwhelming. Where can you turn for help and support?

The good news is, there is help for your loved one and support for you! Danville Alzheimer’s care facilities are the experts on care for people diagnosed with the disease. Through their extensive training, facility staff are able to provide residents with education on disease symptom management. They are also able to ensure their safety, while keeping them happy.

Danville Alzheimer’s care facilities provide:

  • Continuous onsite staff
  • Family education and support
  • Safe and secured grounds
  • Accommodations that are pleasant and comfortable
  • Activities and daily routines
  • Friendly and caring staff

Although it is hard to make a decision that feels right for your loved one, finding them care for their Alzheimer’s is often a necessity. You can continue to enjoy the activities you love, even while they are living in a long term Alzheimer’s care facility.

Danville has many fun and entertaining things to do. You can have a picnic lunch along the Danville River, attend an event at Averett University, or explore the history on the Danville Historic District.

Hearing that a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be devastating. Families are often left feeling overwhelmed, angry and sad. Danville Alzheimer’s care facilities are ready to help you pick up the pieces and enable your loved one to live a happy life, despite their disease.