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When making decisions about a loved one’s long-term care, there are a lot of factors to consider, and our guide can help you find the appropriate Vermont Alzheimer’s care facility. The state of Vermont has much to offer its residents, including ample opportunities to enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery. Vermont’s coldwater streams contain enough trout to keep any fishermen busy, while its lakes are home to bass and other species. Golf courses are plentiful as well, and golfers of any skill level can find the perfect place to play. From Burlington to Montpelier, many memory care facilities in Vermont are located on beautiful, spacious grounds with views of wooded areas, waterfronts, and mountains.

Alzheimer’s care facilities in Vermont are run by professional staff that are well-trained, compassionate, and understand the difficulties families face when making these decisions.

They can provide both dementia care and memory care, in facilities designed to give residents the quality of life they deserve. Rather than leaving residents to sit alone in their rooms all day, Alzheimer’s care facilities plan activities throughout the day. Residents are encouraged to spend time together and create a real community where people are caring for and supporting each other.

In addition to facility-planned activities, residents’ families and friends are encouraged to take their loved ones out to enjoy all that Vermont has to offer. In addition to fishing and golf, Vermont has numerous historic sites, festivals, museums and art galleries. Recently, Vermont has established a program aimed at rebuilding the downtown areas in many smaller towns and villages.

If you would like more information about Vermont Alzheimer’s care facilities, click on the link below. You can use our guide to search facilities by city or zip code. If you have questions, our experts are available to help.

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