Are you living in San Antonio? Do you need to find high quality Alzheimer’s care in San Antonio for a loved one? Feeling confused or overwhelmed with your options?

Finding the best San Antonio Alzheimer’s care is hard work. There are many facilities that provide outstanding care – the key is finding the perfect one for you!

Alzheimer’s care facilities offer outstanding care for their residents. Facilities provide all the comforts of home, with the added benefit of quality care. Staff is highly trained on proper care and on Alzheimer’s Disease. All services are custom tailored to those suffering from the disease. From the daily routine to the rules and regulations, your loved one will feel and be safe!

While your loved one is living in a long term Alzheimer’s care facility in San Antonio, you will be encouraged to remain very active in their life. Your involvement in their life, is key to their well being and happiness. During their stay in a facility, you can visit whenever you choose. Many residents enjoy leaving the facility for an activity.

Activities You Can Plan in San Antonio

  • Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the River Walk
  • Take the whole family and visit SeaWorld
  • Explore the beauty of the San Antonio Botanical Garden
  • Listen to a show at the San Antonio Convention Center
  • Relive the history at The Alamo
  • Watch the San Antonio Spurs play a game

Whatever activity you decide to do with your loved one, it will be special!

Alzheimer’s disease affects the entire family. The staff at the San Antonio long term Alzheimer’s care facilities understand how the disease can take its toll on you. They will offer you the education and resources you need throughout the entire progression of the disease. Facilities provide high quality care to your loved one, but to you they provide the support that enables you to function throughout your day to day life.

It is never easy moving a loved one out of their home and into some form of Alzheimer’s care in San Antonio. At times, the guilt can become too much to handle. However, when you find a facility that offers a safe environment for your loved one, with the quality of care they deserve, you will know you’re making the right decision.