Finding the best Alzheimer’s care in Myrtle Beach can feel overwhelming. Often family members find themselves confused, frustrated, and uncertain about the process.

Local Alzheimer’s care facilities in Myrtle Beach are available to help. Staff in each facility is trained on providing outstanding care and also on helping the family make the best decision for their loved one.

Myrtle Beach Alzheimer’s care facilities are certified in providing care exclusively for Alzheimer’s residents. Not only are staff highly trained, but facilities are safe. Staff is onsite 24/7 and residents are unable to leave the grounds on their own.

To ensure your loved one is happy and makes a smooth transition, the more involved you can be in their life the better. Many facilities encourage you to take them to appointments, visit for an afternoon, or head out on an activity.

Many of the residents in Myrtle Beach Alzheimer’s care enjoy:

  • Walking on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk
  • Shopping at Coastal Grand Mall
  • Golfing at the Burning Ridge Golf Course

Whatever you love to do with your loved one, you can continue to do it, while they are living in an Alzheimer’s care facility in Myrtle Beach.

Moving someone you love out of independent living and into a long term Alzheimer’s care facility is hard. Facilities in Myrtle Beach are ready to help you make a decision that meets your loved one’s needs and gives you peace of mind.