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Due to the progressive nature of Alzheimer’s disease, your loved one with Alzheimer’s will need increasing levels of care. In fact, you will eventually need to find some form of Rhode Island Alzheimer’s care or dementia care to help provide the round-the-clock assistance that Alzheimer’s patients will require. In Rhode Island you can choose to select a memory care facility that offers dementia care for Alzheimer’s and other patients suffering from cognitive loss, which will include specialized Alzheimer’s care providers. Or, you can find an Alzheimer’s care facility that only accepts Alzheimer’s patients. In either situation you will find the support that your family needs to care for your loved one.

When looking for an Alzheimer’s care facility in RI, a lot will depend on the stage of your loved one’s disease.

While in the early stages, an assisted living facility that provides housing, meals and some level of support services is an option. Or, at more advanced stages, Alzheimer’s care providers offer group living for patients with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-type illnesses.

No matter what type of Rhode Island Alzheimer’s care facility you choose, your loved one will find plenty to enjoy in the state. Enjoy outings such as trips to Block Island, known for its Victorian inns and hotels as well as its beaches and freshwater ponds. Your family member can also enjoy the cultural attractions of Brown University and the University of Rhode Island.