Are you seeking the best Alzheimer’s care in Portland for a family member? Are you confused by your options?

Not only is hearing the confirmation that a loved one is struggling with Alzheimer’s devastating, trying to find the best care possible can be overwhelming. Many times families are left feeling uncertain and full of guilt.

The facts are, in the United States, millions of families are experiencing the affects of the disease. The majority of these families eventually need to find some sort of outside support. The guilt may be there, but it doesn’t help during the decision making process.

Portland has a wide variety of Alzheimer’s care. You need to make a decision that works best for you and your family. Types of care include:

  • Home health care
  • Nursing home care
  • Assisted living
  • Respite care
  • Alzheimer’s care

Each type of care provides different services. However, if you are seeking care from the experts on Alzheimer’s, long term Alzheimer’s care facilities can’t be beat.

Portland Alzheimer’s care facilities provide care exclusively for residents diagnosed with the disease. Staff goes through extensive training to be sure they understand how to provide the care your loved one needs to remain safe and live a high quality of life.

Not only do residents in Alzheimer’s care facilities in Portland receive top notch care, they also have staff available and onsite 24/7. To keep residents secure, they are not able to leave the facility on their own, only with family or a staff member.

Long term Alzheimer’s care facilities in Portland teach residents tools to manage their symptoms. Through highly structured days and activities, residents learn methods of coping with their disease, resulting in a happier life.

About Portland

Although your loved one may move into a Portland long term Alzheimer’s care facility, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy each other on a regular basis. You can even take them out on their favorite activity. Many of the residents enjoy a day away doing the things they love. You can plan activities such as:

  • Visiting the Tom McCall Waterfront Park
  • Taking the grandkids to the Oregon Zoo
  • Enjoy the beauty of the Portland Japanese Garden
  • Listening to the Oregon Symphony

Making the choice to find Alzheimer’s care in Portland is never easy. However, knowing that your loved one will live a high quality of life, with people who understand, allows you the freedom to breathe easier.