Do you live in Cleveland or Akron and are in need of Alzheimer’s care for a loved one? Are you looking for a facility in a small town with easy access to the larger cities? Medina, Ohio is a small town approximately 30 miles outside of Cleveland and 20 miles away from Akron.

Alzheimer’s care facilities in Medina are part of a safe and friendly community. Facilities offer exceptional care specifically for residents suffering from the disease. Staff is highly trained to provide support for the entire family. They understand how the disease affects the family and can help you throughout the progression of the disease.

While your loved one lives in a Medina Alzheimer’s care facility, it is recommended that you remain extremely active in their life. You can schedule appointments, visit for an afternoon, or plan a day full of activities. Residents enjoy attending the Ice Festival, shopping in the Historic District Shops, and walking along Lake Medina.

Moving a loved one into long term Alzheimer’s care in Medina is extremely difficult. However, when you find a facility that is safe and offers the care your loved one needs, you will feel confident with your decision. Take the time to explore your options, so you find the best facility for your loved one!