Are you looking for Alzheimer’s care for a loved one in a suburb of Cleveland? Have you looked into Cleveland Heights?

Alzheimer’s care facilities in the Cleveland Heights area offer experience, caring staff, and a safe environment. Not only do residents receive outstanding care, they also receive tools that helps them manage the symptoms of their disease.

Staff in Cleveland Heights Alzheimer’s care facilities are extensively trained, so they are able to provide the best care possible. They are also trained on the disease, so they understand its impacts on the residents and their families.

Family members are strongly encouraged to remain active in their loved one life, while they are living in an Alzheimer’s care facility in Cleveland Heights. You can take your loved one to appointments, visit them for dinner, or plan an activity off site for the day.

Many of the residents enjoy:

  • Attending the Cain Park Arts Festival
  • Golfing at the Cleveland Heights Golf Course
  • Watching a movie at the Cedar Lee Theatre

Finding the best long term Alzheimer’s care facility for a loved one can feel overwhelming. Facilities in the area are available to help you through the entire process. They know how difficult the decision is for a family, and want to ensure your loved one makes a smooth transition and you feel confident in your choice.