Are you looking for Alzheimer’s care in Greensboro for a loved one? Are you confused about your options?

Discovering that a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease can be devastating. You may be feeling overwhelmed or worried about how you will care for them when their symptoms worsen. To help you throughout the progression of the disease, it is best to develop a plan.

Gather the family together

Before you can determine your best plan of action, bring the family together for a family meeting. As a result of the meeting, you should determine what the needs are of your loved one, how those needs can be met, and what support is needed for the family.

Develop a plan of action

After you bring the family together, it is never too early to begin the planning process for finding the appropriate long term Alzheimer’s care in Greensboro. Sure your loved one may not need to move right away, but eventually everyone who suffers from the disease will need some form of outside help. To help your loved one adjust and provide you less stress, the sooner you begin planning the better.

Visit Greensboro Alzheimer’s care facilities

When a plan is in place based on the needs of your loved one and family members, you can begin searching for the right facility. Visit as many facilities as you can, so you have plenty of options and are able to compare. Your loved one does not need to be on the initial visits, due to the stress and overwhelm they can cause. Visit the facilities and then narrow down to a more manageable list.

Find the best Alzheimer’s care facility in Greensboro

When your list is narrowed, take your loved one and other family members to the facilities. Spend time at each facility talking with the staff, other residents, and their families. Prepare for your visits with a list of questions and concerns. Remember the staff is there to help you and are experts on the disease, so use the new support that you find.

When the time comes that your loved one needs to relocate into an Alzheimer’s care facility in Greensboro, you will be able to continue to visit and plan days together. If the two of you enjoy the Greensboro Center City Park, the Carolina Theatre, or NewBridge Bank Park, you can continue to visit these locations. However, when you take your loved one back to their new home, you will feel a sigh of relief knowing they are safe and secure.