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When considering a retirement facility that specializes in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, a Newfoundland, Ca Alzheimer’s care option can be a great one for seniors that are looking for a fantastic location to retire. Memory care in Newfoundland is offered at the same standard as anywhere else in Canada which is to say, professionally and with dedication. An Alzheimer’s care facility in the province will be able to cater to any needs that a senior has, and ensure that their illness is managed as well and as thoroughly as possible, no matter what stage it is at.

One of the reasons that Alzheimer’s care providers do well in Newfoundland is because of the natural beauty of the province itself.

Carved out of the Atlantic Ocean, Newfoundland is fondly known as “The Rock”, but has a great deal more to offer than just the stones on its shores. From mighty Gros Morne National Park to the world-famous George Street Festival in St. John’s, the province boasts a wide variety of events for all seniors, both those that are active and those who are less mobile.

Dementia care is essential for those who have Alzheimer’s, as is finding the right memory care facility. In Newfoundland, not only are great treatment programs and facilities available, but the setting is such that seniors often find themselves quickly caught up by the province, and never wanting to leave once they’ve put down roots for a great retirement life.

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