Are you looking for the best Alzheimer’s care in Syracuse for a family member? Are you feeling overwhelmed or confused with the process?

Hearing the news that a loved on is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, often leads to you asking yourself questions such as:

  • How can I provide my loved one the care they deserve?
  • Where can I find help or support?
  • How will I know what the best care is for my loved one?
  • What kind of relationship will I have with my loved one?

Alzheimer’s is such a devastating disease, that it affects the entire family. Millions of people in the United States are struggling with the impacts from the disease on a daily basis. The majority of these people, eventually need some form of outside support.

Syracuse Alzheimer’s care facilities are available to provide you the support and care you need, every step of the way.

Why Syracuse?

Syracuse is a large city in the state of New York, full of friendly people and neighbors that care. Despite its size, the city has a charming appeal. Residents help each other when in need, and enjoy a friendly environment.

Whatever your interests, you can find it in Syracuse.

Popular activities and attractions include:

  • Syracuse University
  • Geneva Medical College
  • Inner Harbor
  • Clinton Square
  • M&T Syracuse Jazz Festival
  • Society for New Music
  • Syracuse Symphony Orchestra
  • Everson Museum of Art

Alzheimer’s Care in Syracuse

Not only is the city of Syracuse friendly, the Alzheimer’s care facilities in the region offer caring and supportive staff. Staff understands all aspects of the disease and how to help residents thrive.

Syracuse long term Alzheimer’s care facilities have staff onsite 24/7 to ensure residents are safe. They also do not permit residents to leave the grounds without staff or family, which also contributes to their safety.

Alzheimer’s care facilities in Syracuse prioritize the happiness and well being of their residents. Through highly structured routines and educational opportunities, residents find comfort and security, allowing them to maintain their quality of life.

Making the best choice for long term Alzheimer’s care in Syracuse is difficult. You may be asking yourself whether or not the choice is the best one for your loved one. However, after your loved one makes the move, and you witness their success, you will begin to feel at ease – knowing that they are happy, safe and thriving.