West Orange, New Jersey: The valley between the South Mountain Reservation and the Eagle Rock Reservation, the birthplace of David Cassidy, and the home of Thomas Edison. The region is also known for its exceptional Alzheimer’s care.

Facilities in West Orange offer specialized care for those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Each facility has staff that is extensively trained on caring for Alzheimers residents. Accommodations offer all the comforts of home, with the added benefit of support and safety.

Alzheimer’s care in West Orange, understands the impact the disease can have on each family member. They not only provide care for your loved one, they also provide support for you! They are available to answer any questions you may have and will keep you updated on new data or treatments for the disease.

Long term Alzheimer’s care in West Orange, ensures that your loved one will live a happy life. Facilities have daily activities and routine which allows your loved one to feel safe. They encourage you to visit and maintain a strong relationship with your family member, so you can enhance their life.

Give yourself the peace of mind that your loved one is well taken care of, in a facility that understands them and their disease by visiting a West Orange Alzheimer’s care facility.