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A New Hampshire Alzheimer’s care facility is specifically designed to accommodate patients who suffer from disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our memory care units are comfortable and secure, while allowing seniors the opportunity for socialization and activity. An Alzheimer’s care facility in NH has licensed medical professionals who specialize in caring for patients who suffer from memory loss. Our Alzheimer’s care providers are the best in the country providing therapy, appropriate activities, and family involvement. A memory care facility in NH is designed in a way that seniors can stay mobile and enjoy activities both inside and outside of the building. Families are encouraged to participate in events.

A memory care facility in New Hampshire provides its residents with over 60 hours per week of activities specifically geared towards memory loss patients.

We provide indoor and outdoor activities, ensuring our seniors have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. We are always creating opportunities for seniors to express their creativity and cognitive abilities. There are activities for everyone. Some residents enjoy scenic rides along the coast while others prefer staying at the facility to listen to entertainers, play cards, or watch a movie. Families are encouraged to participate in any of our activities along with the many family events that are scheduled throughout the year.

Our dementia care providers are certified and licensed. Staff ratio is 1 to every 5 residents. Residents are involved in a variety of therapy sessions during the week such as occupational and physical therapy. In addition they have monthly appointments with the psychiatrist. We strive to help our seniors improve mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Call a New Hampshire Alzheimer’s care facility today if you have a loved one suffering from memory loss. Our team of experts will strive to make sure they are treated with dignity and respect while providing them with a safe, healthy environment.