Discovering that a family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease can be devastating. Often you become sick with worry and completely overwhelmed. Where do you begin?

Before you think the worst, remember that although your loved one may have a life threatening disease, they can continue to live a happy life – especially with the right care and support.

Holland Alzheimer’s care facilities are the experts when it comes to caring for residents with the Alzheimers Disease. They are also available to help support the family throughout their loved one’s stay. Before you choose the right facility, make sure you:

  • Find a facility that is conveniently located to you
  • Visit several facilities to get a feel for the environment
  • Talk with families and residents to understand their perspective
  • Meet with staff to answer all your questions

Most Alzheimer’s care facilities in Holland want families to remain active in their resident’s lives. This is great news for you – allowing you to take them on activities and to appointments. You can plan activities as often as you want with your loved one. Many residents enjoy walking around the Holland State Park, visiting the exhibits at the Tulip Time Festival, or listening to the Holland Symphony Orchestra.

Finding the best care for your loved one is your top priority! Long term Alzheimer’s care in Holland are the experts! They are specifically trained on the disease and understand how to make your loved one happy and comfortable throughout every stage.