When your worst nightmare becomes a reality that a family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, your world can quickly be turned upside down. Where do you turn for help and support? How can you provide the in depth care that your loved one may need?

Grand Rapids Alzheimer’s care facilities understand your situation and are available to assist you. Facilities offer specialized care specifically for families suffering from Alzheimer’s. They understand that the diagnosis affects everyone in the family and can offer support and education on the disease.

Remaining active in your loved one’s life while they live in Alzheimer’s care in Grand Rapids can be the difference between them thriving or not. Facilities strongly encourage you to take your family member on activities and to appointments.

You can enjoy:

  • Exploring the Van Andel Museum Center
  • Observing exhibits at the Festival of the Arts
  • Appreciating the Meyer May House
  • Listening to the Grand Rapids Symphony

Whatever you and your loved one like doing together, you can continue while living in long term care Alzheimer’s care facilities. Grand Rapids has much to offer and your loved one will continue to have fun exploring it all.

Alzheimer’s facilities in Grand Rapids not only offer outstanding care, the community has wonderful health care. You and your loved one can find any kind of medical service you desire by walking up and down the Grand Rapids Medical Mile. For you to stay up to date on your loved one’s progress, facilities do recommend that you take your family member to medical appointments.

Discovering that a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can cause a wide range of emotions. Typically you can begin by feeling sadness and worry, followed by anger and overwhelm. Grand Rapids long term care Alzheimer’s facilities are available to help your loved one and you. They are experienced in working with families and understand how the disease affects each one of you. Find the support you need during this trying time, because your are worth it!