If you have a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, you are most likely dreading the time when you need to find alternative living arrangements. You may think that moving your loved one into some form of assisted living, is not the best choice. However, you can find Alzheimer’s care facilities in Newton that are specifically designed to care for your loved one.

When your family member moves into Newton Alzheimers care facilities, they can continue to enjoy activities they love. If your family member likes to listen to the Newton Symphony Orchestra, walk through the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, or explore the items at the Newton History Museum at the Jackson Homestead. They will not be able to plan activities outside of the facility on their own, but you can take them whenever you want.

Alzheimer’s long term care in Newton provides residents comfortable accommodations in an environment that understands the disease. Staff is extensively trained on Alzheimers and is available to provide you the support you need throughout your loved one’s stay.

Unlike typical assisted living, Newton Alzheimer’s long term facilities have staff on duty around the clock. Your loved one will always have someone looking out for them. Daily routines are established, which provide your family member structure and familiarity. Living in the facility will provide your loved one a happy life, full of friendship and understanding.