Do you live in the Louisville area and have a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease? Are you struggling to find them the care they need to be safe and live a high quality of life?

If you are looking for the experts on Alzheimer’s care, Louisville long term facilities are it! Each facility understands all aspects of the disease and its affect on residents and families. They develop structured days, including activities and relaxation, so their residents feel safe and secure.

Why Louisville?

Whether you or your loved one lives in Louisville, it is a great place to live, even if you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The city is located directly on the Ohio River and surrounded by the Jefferson Memorial Forrest. Louisville is the largest city in the state of Kentucky and is home to several major companies, including Humana, Kindred Healthcare, and PharMerica.

The city is also home to the:

  • Kentucky Derby
  • Bluegrass Balloon Festival
  • Speed Art Museum
  • University of Louisville
  • Louisville Waterfront Park
  • Louisville Ballet

Whatever your personality, you can find something to do in Louisville. Even residents living in long term Alzheimer’s care in Louisville, continue to enjoy the local activities and attractions with their family.

Louisville Alzheimer’s Care

Facilities in Louisville provide a safe and comfortable environment for their residents. Each facility provides extensive training for their staff, so they understand the disease and its progression. Staff is on duty everyday of the week, for 24 hours each day, to ensure the safety of the residents.

Alzheimer’s care facilities in Louisville provide an environment that enhances the lives of the residents. Facilities understand the proper tools that allows residents to live a high quality of life.

While your loved one is living in an Alzheimer’s care facility in Louisville, you will be encouraged to remain highly active in their life. Facilities recommend that you visit often, take your loved one to their appointments, and plan activities away from the facility for the day. Many residents love to have a day away from the facility doing the things they enjoy. Family involvement is critical for the quality of life for your loved one.

Even though hearing that a someone you love is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease can feel overwhelming, there is help and support available. Not only do Louisville long term Alzheimer’s care facilities provide outstanding care to your loved one, they also provide support to you, the family. They understand that disease affects the entire family and are available to help you every step of the way.