Are you looking for Alzheimer’s care in Lexington, Kentucky? Are you wondering what the best type of care will be for your loved one?

Hearing the news that a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming. You may be feeling confused, angry, and sad, all at the same time! You may also be wondering how you can provide the care your loved one will need to be safe.

The good news is, there are services and options available to help you and your loved one.

Types of Alzheimer’s care in Lexington includes:

  • Home health care
  • Respite care
  • Nursing home
  • Assisted living
  • Long term Alzheimer’s care

Lexington offers a wide variety of options for Alzheimer’s care. However, if you are seeking care that is geared specifically for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s, then long term Alzheimer’s care facilities are your best option.

Lexington Alzheimer’s care facilities are unique. Unlike traditional assisted living, they have staff on duty 24/7 and residents are unable to leave on their own. Also, the facilities are certified to provide care only for residents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Each facility extensively trains their staff, so each person understands all aspects of the disease and how it affects residents.

Although your loved one is living in an Alzheimer’s care facility in Lexington, you will be encouraged to remain active in their life. Many facilities recommend that you take your loved one to appointments, visit often, and even plan activities outside of the facility to enjoy.

Residents in Lexington Alzheimer’s care enjoy:

  • Attending the Festival of the Blue Grass
  • Listening to the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Walking through the Materson Station Park
  • Watching the Kentucky Wildcats play basketball

Long term Alzheimer’s care facilities in Lexington are the experts on the disease. Each program and activity that they develop are done to enhance the lives of their residents. Facilities make it a priority to not only provide a safe environment, but also to give their residents the tools to live a high quality of life, despite their diagnosis.
Although hearing the news that a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be devastating, knowing that they are receiving the best possible care will ease your worries and overwhelm. Lexington Alzheimer’s care facilities will bring your loved one joy and you a sigh of relief!