If you live in Prairie Village, you are part of a quiet and relaxed community in Kansas. You can spend a day walking through Windsor Park, enjoying music at the Prairie Village Jazz Festival, or shopping at the Prairie Village Shopping Center. The members of the community know each other and join together to support their neighbors.

However, when a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, you can feel completely alone, no matter where you live. Prairie Village Alzheimer’s care facilities are available to help you supported. They provide your loved one the proper care for their disease, and you the information needed to get through the progression.

Each Alzheimer’s long term care facility in Prairie Village offers daily routine for its residents. Routine keeps residents feeling safe and comfortable. Facilities provide round the clock care and never allow residents to leave the facility on their own. You will feel confident that your loved one is receiving the best care available for Alzheimer’s in a Prairie Village facility.