Deciding to move a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s into assisted living can be overwhelming. To help you make the decision, you can find support through Crystal Lake Alzheimer’s care facilities. Each facility offers specialized care for residents suffering from Alzheimers. Facilities offer exceptional care and support for residents and the entire family.

Residents in Alzheimer’s care facilities in Crystal Lake enjoy spending time with their families. Often families visit and plan activities for the day. If your loved one likes to walk or enjoys the outdoors, you can visit the Veteran Acres Park. You can also watch a performance at the Raue Center, where they have a Jazz Festival each year.

Long term Alzheimer’s care facilities in Crystal Lake provide your loved one a safe and comforting environment. Staff is continuously educated on the new research and data concerning Alzheimer’s and relays that information to families. Facilities have staff on duty 24/7 and residents are not able to leave the grounds without family or staff.