Do you have a loved one recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease? Are you concerned about how you are going to provide the care they need?

Most newly diagnosed people with Alzhiemers can continue to live at home or with you. However, eventually you will need the appropriate support. Depending on the stage of the disease, typically determines the level of care needed.

Types of Alzheimer’s care in Atlanta

  • Home Health Services
  • Assisted Living
  • Alzheimer’s Long Term Care
  • Nursing Home

Atlanta Alzheimer’s care offers specialized care for those suffering from the disease. Staff is highly trained on Alzheimer’s and understands what services to provide. Each facility is certified and continues to offer expanded education to their staff.

If you are seeking Alzheimer’s care for a loved one in Atlanta, you can continue to enjoy activities together. Facilities encourage family involvement, so residents continue to thrive. You can spend the day with your loved one at the facility or you can explore the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta has plenty of green space which offers a relaxing area for you to have a picnic lunch. There are several parks to choose from including, Piedmont Park, Southside Park, and Midtown Park. If you and your loved one enjoys the performing arts, you can visit the Fox Theatre, the Variety Playhouse, or listen to a performance by the Atlanta Boy Choir.

Regardless of how you spend time with your loved one in Atlanta Alzheimer’s long term care, the time will be special for all of you! When you are not visiting, your family member will participate in activities onsite and experience an extremely structured daily routine. People who are suffering from Alzhiemer’s, the more structure they have on a regular basis, the safer they feel.

Alzheimer’s care facilities in Atlanta understands all aspects of the disease. They also understand how it affects the entire family. You are encouraged to spend time at each facility before making a decision. The more comfortable you are with your decision, the smoother the transition process will be.

Facilities are able to provide the whole family the support they need, while a loved one is receiving Atlanta Alzheimer’s care. They will keep you informed on developments and include you in any decision that needs to be made. Your loved one will be safe and secure every minute of the day, and receive the high quality of care they deserve.