Providing the best care for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease can be overwhelming. When you get to the point that you are no longer able to provide the care they need, you may be faced with finding some form of alternative living arrangements.

Finding the best Naples Alzheimer’s care for a family member can often cause worry and frustration. You may be asking yourself questions such as:

  • Am I making the right decision?
  • Will a facility be able to provide better care than me?
  • How will this move affect my loved one?
  • How can I choose the best Alzheimer’s care facility?

A key to finding the right Alzheimer’s long term care facility in Naples is to spend time in each one. Take the time to talk to the staff, the residents and their family members. Make a list of questions that you want answered before visiting and have a clear picture of what services your loved one requires.

Alzheimer’s care facilities in Naples are certified on providing the best services for your loved one. They understand the progression of the disease and can give you and your family the support you need.

Throughout your loved one’s stay in Naples Alzheimer’s care facilities, you will be encouraged to remain active in their life. From taking them to appointments to spending a day enjoying an activity, you can choose how to spend your time together. Often residents enjoy, visiting the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, walking along the Vanderbilt Beach, or fishing off the Naples Pier. After your day together, you can enjoy dinner together back at the facility.

Finding the right support and services for you and your loved one is essential for them to have a happy life. Alzheimer’s care facilities in Naples will provide you the support you need with the care your loved one deserves.