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Choosing a Florida Alzheimer’s care facility for a loved one can be an overwhelming task, filled with uncertainty and contemplation. Fortunately, Florida is a state that offers numerous facilities with superb medical services and activity programs designed for dementia care. As one of the sunniest states, Florida has a wealth of both indoor and outdoor activities available. From strolling along the beach to browsing the public libraries, there are numerous opportunities for residents to get out and explore the area. Alzheimer’s care providers are fully trained to assist seniors with dementia with basic needs, as well as helping them enjoy the freedom of being able to partake in social events.

While social activities are important, a quality Alzheimer’s care facility needs to ensure the safety of all its residents.

Newer facilities now offer locked doors and frequent monitoring, to ensure a resident cannot wander off or become disoriented. The level of care and dedication of the staff are also highly important. Staff should be able to not only meet the medical needs of residents, but also help them with remaining as independent as possible.

With several Alzheimer’s associations and the renowned Mayo Clinic nearby, Florida offers a wealth of resources for seniors with Alzheimer’s. A memory care facility can help residents enjoy the area by planning social activities. St. Augustine Light House and Museum or Sanibel Island Beach are ideal spots to spend the day exploring. In Tallahassee, the state capital, there are plenty of peaceful museums, art galleries and parks for residents to experience.

To locate a Florida Alzheimer’s care facility for your loved one, please access our guide below. Your family member can reside in one of the sunniest states, at a memory care facility that will meet his individual needs.