Although hearing the news that a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease can feel devastating, they can continue to live a happy and thriving life. If you are faced with the decision of finding a loved one the best Alzheimer’s care in Wilmington, you can breathe easily knowing there are facilities that are specifically certified to provide Alzheimers care.

Wilmington Alzheimer’s care facilities offer:

  • Specific care for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Extensive knowledge and support on Alzheimer’s
  • Staff that is highly qualified and educated on the disease
  • Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Daily routines that allow residents to feel safe

Having a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s can often leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. As much as you want to provide the care they need, deep down you know that you are incapable of giving them the best care.

Finding an Alzheimer’s care facility in Wilmington that is able to proved a safe environment and outstanding care will help you feel at peace with your decision. Knowing your loved one is well taken care of and receiving care specific for their disease, allows them to live a happy life.

Throughout their stay in Wilmington Alzheimer’s long term care facilities, you can visit as often as you wish. You are encouraged to remain highly involved in their life, including taking them to activities and medical appointments. You can spend the day with your loved one doing what they like. Often residents enjoy, visiting the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, walking along the Christina River, or watching a performance by the Delaware Theatre Company.

You may feel guilty placing your loved one in Alzheimer’s care in Wilmington; however, you are allowing them to receive the best care available with people who are highly trained. Your family member will quickly become accustomed to their surroundings and make friends that understand their experiences. You will also give yourself the gift of peace of mind – knowing they are safe and secure.