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Seniors in Delaware in need of memory care or dementia care treatment are fortunate to have a number of options, including many highly rated Delaware Alzheimer’s care facilities able to provide needed service. While in-home care is a popular choice families pursue when their loved one is exhibiting the beginning stages of this condition, as the disease progresses, placement in a certified memory care facility may be warranted. An Alzheimer’s care facility is especially geared towards dealing with those suffering in the later stages of this most common form of dementia. Advanced symptoms such as aggression, mood swings, irritability, memory loss and withdrawal may not respond well to home care.

Care focused specifically on patients with Alzheimer’s is often available at an assisted living care facility, typically in a segregated area particularly for these special patients.

Most will offer highly personalized attention and a very structured patient routine. It’s important that a safe environment be provided for these residents.

Some Delaware Alzheimer’s care facilities cater strictly to sufferers of this particular condition. Alzheimer’s care providers can be found in most of Delaware’s major cities, including Dover, Wilmington, Newark, Milford and Seaford. Each of these cities offers something special for residents.

Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city is home to beautiful Brandywine Park and contains the State’s only zoo. Day outings can provide enjoyment and diversion for dementia sufferers. Dover, the Capital, offers a wide variety of historical sites and attractions as well as many cultural opportunities such as concerts, ballet performances and classic film revivals.

Newark boasts large tracts of public parks and is also home to the University of Delaware, which has become known for its inroads into Alzheimer’s care and treatment. To learn more, click on the info button below.