If you have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, their safety and happiness is your number one concern. A time may arrive that you are not able to provide the level of care they need. If you are in need of Alzheimer’s long term care in Woodbridge, you have options. You no longer need to do it alone!

How do you choose between assisted living or Alzheimer’s care in Woodbidge?

Both types of facilities offer exceptional care. However Alzheimer’s care provides care specifically for residents diagnosed with Alzheimers. Residents become part of a facility that provides outstanding care in a safe and secure environment. Staff is available 24/7 and residents are not able to leave on their own.

Remaining involved in your loved one’s life throughout their stay in Alzheimer’s long term care is essential for them to live a high quality of life. You can plan a day away full of fun and activities. Residents enjoy walking through Alice Newton Street Memorial Park, exploring the Woodbridge Green Historic District, or finding their favorite books in the Woodbridge Public Library.

Finding the best Alzheimer’s care in Woodbrige for your loved one is key to you feeling peace of mind. Knowing that they will be in a facility that understands the disease and can support you, will help you all throughout the stages of the disease.