After learning of an Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis for a family member, you may begin searching for support and care. The disease often takes its toll on the entire family and finding the appropriate support is key to a happy life for everyone.

Rocky Hill Alzheimer’s care facilities are available to help! Each facility offers specific care for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. They will provide you with information and education on the disease and what you can expect throughout the progression.

As a family member, you are encouraged to remain active in your loved one’s life. You can take them to medical appointments or on activities in the community. Residents in Alzheimer’s care in Rocky Hill enjoy visiting the Dinosaur State Park or taking the Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Ferry to Glastonbury.

Knowing your loved one is receiving the best care for Alzheimer’s, in Rocky Hill, will enable you to feel at peace. They will be in a safe location, surrounded by people that care.