Whether a loved one was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, or was diagnosed a while ago, you may be considering some form of assisted living. Typically there comes a time when you cannot provide the care your family member needs, so alternative living arrangements need to be made. How do you choose?

If you are looking for Alzheimer’s care in Aurora, there are two options to choose from – assisted living or long term Alzheimer’s care. Both types of facilities offer exceptional care; however, Alzheimer’s care offers a more specialized type of service.

Aurora Alzheimer’s care facilities specialize in helping you and your family member through the stages of Alzheimers. Staff is trained on the specific disease and facilities are certified to provide the best care possible. Each facilities is staffed 24/7 and residents can’t leave the grounds without family or staff.

To help your loved one live a high quality of life in an Alzheimer’s facility in Aurora, you are encouraged to be highly active in their care. You can take them to their local medical appointments at Kaiser Permanente or the University of Colorado Hospital, or you might want to head out for an afternoon of fun. Residents enjoy visiting the Plains Conservation Center or the Aurora Fox Theatre and Arts Center.

Knowing your loved on is in the best Aurora Alzheimer’s care facility will provide you peace of mind. Allowing them to receive the best care possible for their particular disease, provides them an opportunity to live a life with plenty of support and comfort.