Oceanside, California is one of the most beautiful cities in the state. The pristine beaches, sunny weather, and friendly people make it a popular place to live and visit for all ages. Visitors and residents enjoy visiting the Oceanside Pier, exploring the California Surf Museum, and attending the Oceanside Harbor Days.

However, what happens when a local resident is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease? Where do they turn for help?

Oceanside Alzheimer’s care facilities provide support and long term care for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Their exclusivity for residents, allows them to specifically tailor all activities and schedules, allowing residents to feel secure.

Alzheimer’s Care in Oceanside Provides:

  • Caring and well trained staff
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Exceptional services
  • 24/7 staff support
  • Secured facilities
  • Daily routine/schedule
  • Activities and fun

Facilities providing Alzheimer’s care in Oceanside are the experts on the disease. They are extensively trained to understand all the needs of their residents. Each facility strives to ensure residents live a high quality of life, despite their disease.

Family members are encouraged to visit often. Oceanside Alzheimer’s facilities understand the importance of family involvement and recommend you take your loved one to appointments, visit the facility for dinner, or attend a local event as much as possible. Your involvement in your loved one’s life, greatly contributes to their happiness and quality of life.

Long term Alzheimer’s care facilities in Oceanside are available for the entire family. They understand how the disease affects the family and provide much needed support, during a difficult time. Finding the best care for your loved one and the right support for you, will help you all enjoy the time you have together.